To See or Not To See
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To See or Not To See

Have you every stopped to think about what things in your life you take for granted? Or do you need to live the experience of losing those things that you take for granted, to appreciate them?

About 6 years ago I had a stroke, brain aneurysm and massive brain surgery which left me partially blind, and 11% vision field at both eyes, weakness of my right side of my body and short-term memory loss. This is how I see my world… out of a peep hole… yet, a blessing in disguise. Yes, it took me about 4 months to just get off my death bed and realize what had happened to me. As time would pass by, I learned that I was not the same and that I had to figure out a way to get my life back, in full function. As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, I had access to many healing modalities in the natural healing arts, through my personal knowledge and colleagues. I embarked on several paths in search of a new self. What I found was that no one could understand what I was feeling on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, realizing that I wasn’t able to follow the suggestions of doctors and colleagues because of my limitations. With time I discovered that my brain healed in a way that allowed me to access parts of it that weren’t accessible to me before. I’ve developed a way of seeing, moving and being present to my life through the neuroplasticity of my brain, meaning, my brain had created new neurological pathways to accomplish day to day tasks. I created exercises for my sight, mobility, and memory that would enhance my quality of life, to the point that I can consider myself with a sight beyond sight, a hearing beyond listening and feeling beyond touch… by simply using the gifts of senses… yes… those senses that we take for granted. First and foremost I’ve mastered the art of voluntarily flowing energy to certain parts of my body to enhance the perception of what I can’t see. I became so good at it that if someone would observe me doing things, like cooking a meal in the kitchen, for example, they could never tell I’m sight impaired (unless they start moving things around on me!).

It fascinates me to discover every day how powerful we truly are as perfect healers to ourselves and others, as God’s creation and Universal beings.  The world needs to know how to tap into that universal knowledge of the brain, of which I have been blessed by God in teaching other how it’s done.