Reiki & Energy Medicine
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“The healing power is within you and can be actualized by a simple Reiki attunement to a new level, very simply, without years of training.” – Jim Pathfinder Ewig

Reiki is the flow of the divine universal life source within us, and when in balance it generates the healthy energetic flow throughout the body. Energy Medicine includes modalities that work with the energy of the body, from the cellular structure to the external irradiation of the aura surrounding the body. Reiki and Energy Medicine are 2 healing modalities that have been used since ancient times and are still largely used by great healers today.
At Soulnatomy we provide the powerful combination of Reiki and Energy medicine to work hand in hand with the energetic field of the body, bringing soothing relief to you physically, emotionally and spiritually. For us, as Reiki Masters, it is a great honor that we have been chosen to hold the space as conduits for healing.
As the healing energy flows through our body, guided by divine intervention, we receive healing too, along with whomever we are healing.
Connecting with a person on an energetic level is very intense. To watch a person’s body language and the expression on their face during the session is gratifying and humbling. Facilitator and client become one in the divine energy exchange, creating a strong assuring bond between us. The information received by the healer gets transferred to you, the client, and you are left with the results that allow you to lift your spirit and your life to discover the next phase of what is possible.

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