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Soulnatomy/Audrey Hlembizky

Inspiring Workshops

Your spiritual development is your access to a free and fulfilled life.
Soulnatomy/Audrey Hlembizky

Spiritual Retreats

Personal and corporate experiences to lift your life and renew your spirit.

Soulnatomy/Audrey Hlembizky

Holistic Healing

Optimal health is possible when your mind, body, and spirit interact as one.


Anatomy of the Soul

“Spirituality is God’s call in your soul.” – Ivanla Vanzant
There is a moment in time, that in a split second your life can change forever and the soul is enlightened with a glimpse of the journey it will experience; how you will see and feel your life, will shift and take on a whole new beginning.
“Anatomy” is defined as the study of the structure or internal workings and “Soul,” is the spiritual part of a living thing.
The weight of life can either shift or be lifted. Discovering that you have the power to awaken yourself and transcend into a state of soul filled living, will provide you with the opportunity to be absolutely free.
As our lives evolve we grow, as our bodies age our minds mature, and as our soul materializes the process of life, our spirit reaches a higher state of being connected to the whole of who God and the universe knows us to be.
It is a privilege to serve you and your higher life. From our hearts to yours we welcome you to your spiritual journey.
The Founders,