My Reborn Soul
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My Reborn Soul

My heart yearns to be at Sacred Triage I, located in Penetanguishene, north of Midland on the once Aboriginal lands of the First Nations. She calls me and when I do go, it’s like two lovers reuniting from a long absence. The serenity, peacefulness the clean air is what my soul seeks. Mother Nature speaks to me through the trees through the water, the air, the sun the wind and the earth. All the life source elements necessary for balance. Yes, balance and energy recharge. That’s what the earth gives me too, energy from deep down where all the minerals lie emanating energies upwards through the ground and through my feet my body, through my soul and up into the sky, into the universe and beyond, where heaven lies.


Sacred Triage was opened for retreats so that people can escape the city and experience a sense of peace, serenity, the high vibrational energies and oneness with Universe and Mother Nature without having the burden of high costs of traveling abroad.  During the 3 day retreats, clients get to disconnect from everything and everyone which is the suggested cure to enhance balance, professional performance, and overall well-being.  In addition, you get to eat and savor meals for the soul which are prepared in-house by my business partner and Doctor of Natural Medicine, Maria Grazia Bevilacqua.  Participants can deepen their experience of healing and connecting with source by walking the sacred labyrinth on the premises or meditate in solitude on the hammocks.


On my boat Sacred Triage II, you experience the energy vortexes on the waters of Georgian Bay while meditating right over the vortexes and swimming afterward.  An experience that uplifts your spirits, as some swimmers said, who swam in the vortexes for the first time, ‘I feel the heat and pools of energy swirl around me’, ‘I feel a sense of peace and serenity fill every part of my body’, ‘a sense of abandonment to life source’, ‘reassuring I was healing from my current challenges on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level’.


My arms are stretched outwards and upwards thanking God for the surrounding beauty, thanking God for the wonderful life, thanking God for the abundance around me and Blessing me and all those that come seeking peace and tranquility, seeking Love, seeking the spark that pacifies and reignites the soul.


All the negative thoughts, any negative energies, melts away from the body like chemo to cancer and making room for a reborn soul.  A similar analogy is an experience of drinking a hot cup of soup to melting the coldness out of your body and soothing the soul within.