A Child’s Connection to Their Spirituality
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A Child’s Connection to Their Spirituality

Have your children ever confided in you that they see, feel or hear things?
My daughter was 2 years old and standing in her crib she would be looking and smiling at the rocking chair directly in front of her. No idea what was happening. Does she see something I don’t? The voice in my head said, ‘she’s too young to be seeing things.’
At the age of 11 when her grandfather passed away, she saw green colors, visions of him and silhouettes of people (as she described it) and quickly came to tell me. She also said that when she was 2 there was this old lady sitting in the rocking chair next to her crib. She was knitting and would keep her company through the night. You see Maria had croup from the age of 1 and many nights she would be awake and didn’t sleep, nor did I. I say this woman was her guardian Angel for the years that she stayed with her during the long nights.
At 19, and the death of my uncle from cancer, she experienced his spirit and energy within her. She was seeing, talking and behaving like him. She would have his conversations through her voice, requests that he was not able to fulfill on when he was on earth. For example, it was his wife’s birthday two days after his death and he wanted to buy her roses. I did and he even dictated the message on the card! As a parent, this was frightening yet amazing to see and experience, why because I knew what was happening.
How many of you does this resonate with? In today’s life, and what our children are dealing with, you are their first contact your children come to. Why? They trust you, they don’t trust their friends or anyone else, afraid of what they may say or do, so they hide from them and don’t understand their own gifts.
What can you do? Bring them to someone, spiritually like myself, who understands and can explain what is happening and teach them how they can use this gift from God. In this way they can connect, relate and understand their greatness in this world of Spirituality. Like anything else, training and development, if they so choose, will enhance their level of spirituality.   Don’t push away something that your children are hungry for to learn and develop in. Support them in their journey. Like Maria, she is today a Reiki Master, like me, and helps increase awareness in others.  We all Love our children and they Love us in return too!