Mindset Training
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Mindset Training

“I’m all about your mindset, being focused, staying positive, being optimistic, and knowing that these are all aspects of my life that I love and enjoy.” – Kyla Pratt

Whatever man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill. This is one of our favorite quotes! It holds the true secret of manifestation and happiness. Mindset training is no different than working out at the gym. Muscles and tissues develop and strengthen with specific exercises and daily routines. So does the brain and the mind. The brain has many neural pathways which connect and disconnect in the “gray matter” according to the thought processes generated in the mind, stimulated by the external environment, and interaction with others. It’s about choice, the most elaborate and powerful universal gift.

Mindset training is designed to increase awareness of the true power we are born with, through specific and personalized thought process techniques and exercises, which help lead a life with drive and purpose. We are exceptional, extraordinary and unique beings. Mindset training helps us to unleash and share our gifts with society by making a difference in people’s live, and guiding us to true happiness.

Maria Grazia, co-founder of Soulnatomy designed the Mindset training program through her own need to restart her life. Maria discovered the need of training the mind and the importance of how to think when wanting to achieve optimal results in pain and stress management. While recovering from a severe back injury from giving birth to her daughter, Doctors believed she would end up in a wheelchair within 2 years from her back surgery. She chose NOT to believe it and prayed for someone to teach her how to walk again. She found her first teacher in 1992. He was a monk from a small town in the mountains of central Italy. She learned ancient breathing techniques and thought processes to enhance the body’s natural method of healing. Within 18 months she was able to walk without pain or assistance. Maria discovered the truth about healing, that we are programmed to heal naturally, and that the mind is the main factor in making it happen. She believed she could walk and she did! Soulnatomy is created upon the foundation of the life experiences that both Liliana and Maria Grazia have had, and their profound belief that the mind and spirit can heal when the mind is directed by divine guidance and power.
For more information about our individual and group rates please contact us at: 416-706-9655 or email: info@soulnatomy.com

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